Parkour Training Program by Movement Matrix Method + a pair of 2nd Gen X Shoes

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We are excited to bring you the Movement Matrix Method, a self-paced Parkour based fitness program for adults by Ryland Lanagan. When you purchase this program you will also receive a pair of our 2nd GEN "X" Parkour shoes. More details below....

The biggest misconception is that Parkour is only for young people, or that you have to be in shape to do parkour, when actually, you can do parkour to get in shape! And it's so fun, it never feels like exercise.
Lanagan has taken what he's learned over the last 14 years that have helped him lose 40 pounds break the chains of depression and pre-diabetes after getting out of the army. The program is called Movement Matrix Method.
The mobility routine, bodyweight exercises, and Parkour skills training together, restored my balance, strength, Flexibility and Athleticism as well as massively reducing painful joints and muscle aches.
This is a comprehensive program with nine in-depth modules including:
 Paying Your Dues
 Ground Game
 Way of the Foot
 Getting Over It
 Perfecting The Climb
 Mind the Gap
 Raising the Bar
 And Skills, Flow and Programming
You will learn how to safely progress your skills overtime, how to find places to train, how to design your own sessions and workouts, how to be a healthy, functional human that moves well and pain-free for many years to come.
Don't put limits on yourself, you can start where you are and take your time. Langan has helped over 5,000 people start their journeys with movement, and you can be the next one.
If you're ready to take the red pill and escape the matrix of go-nowhere-boring-exercise routines, join a true community of like-minded adult athletes. Purchase this product and start your Parkour journey today.

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