True to Parkour

Take Flight is for Traceurs and by Traceurs. Our company was founded in 2008 by a Traceur named Adam Dunlap, who still does Parkour to this day. He also still runs the company. With that authenticity in our history, here are 5 things that make us stand out today from other shoe and clothing companies in the Parkour world:

#1. Take Flight founder and President, Adam Dunlap is the only American Traceur to learn Parkour from the founder David Belle. Dunlap moved to France in 2011 to work with Belle, and he spent 3 years as Belle's manager and adviser, not to mention as a close friend. That means our founder and President put years into the discipline, and has a understanding and loyalty to Parkour that few others can claim.

#2. Our owners don't get paid from Take Flight. Our aforementioned President, Adam Dunlap, has an annual salary of $0, and that's no wordplay. Other brands take their profits to support their lifestyle and buy houses and cars, but we put all that money back into the company and Parkour community. Which brings us to number 3....

#3. We put every penny that we bring in back into the company and Parkour community via a) The development of new Parkour products, and b) By supporting our pros, their initiatives, and community projects. We also donate money to the Kefa Project, a non-profit that helps at-risk youth in Rwanda through sports.

#4. We believe that Parkour is a discipline by David Belle inspired in him by his father Raymond Belle. No other definition, explanation, or story will do. We stand behind this and always will. Other companies use the "Parkour" as a gimmick and/or without respecting the roots. But not us. When we say "Parkour," we mean the true discipline that lies at the foundation of the Parkour & Freerunning movement.

#5. We were the world's first Parkour clothing company when we launched in 2008, and we still do it for the love of the discipline.