Promos & Coupons

Here are some current promos and coupons we have in case you'd like to use them! There are some others you may be able to find online, but trust us when we say these are the best ones out there.


PROMO #1: Buy 1 Pair Get A Second Pair 50% OFF!

We've realized that Traceurs love our shoes for both training and casual wear. So if you'd like a second pair to wear on social outings we have you covered here. Buy 1 pair of our 2nd Gen Shoes and get 50% off your second pair. Use code "BOGO50" at checkout.




PROMO #2: BUY 2 Pairs Get 1 FREE!

Community has always been a core tenant of Parkour, and Traceurs often wear the same footwear as their friends. If this is you, then Buy together! Buy 2 pairs of our 2nd GEN shoes and get a 3rd pair FREE. All pairs must be same style ("X", 2nd GEN, or 99%). With this code you'll save up to $130! Use coupon code "PARKOUR3" at checkout.




PROMO #3: BUY A Pair of Shoes & Get a David Belle Poster FREE!

Doing Parkour makes you stronger. Having a poster of David Belle in your home is inspiration to do so. Now you can get a movie poster from either District B13 or Brick Mansions for FREE with the purchase of a pair of our 2nd Gen X shoes. Simply add the shoes to your cart and at checkout either use the promo code "B13" (for District B13) or "BM" (for Brick Mansions). The corresponding movie poster will be added to your cart. The poster is absolutely free. You only pay shipping ($10). Promotion not available for customers outside the USA.



PROMO #4: Save 15% AND Support Traceurs Directly

Use one of our athlete specific coupon codes and we will give you 15% off your order total AND we will donate 15% of the final order total to their training and travel funds. It's the simplest way to support these amazing Traceurs directly while getting some amazing Parkour gear for yourself.

-To support Joey Adrian use the code "JOEY"

-To support Andrey Inf use the code "ANDREY"

-To support Caleb Demmons use the code "CALEB"

-To support Lilou Ruel use the code "LILOU"

-To support Ryland Lanagan and Revolution Parkour Beaverton use the code "RYLAND"

-To support every one of these Traceurs use the code "TEAM" and we'll split the 15% between everyone above.

*If you're a Parkour pro or if you own a Parkour gym and you'd like to be added to our list, send us an email and we'll get back to you about bringing you on board!