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Choosing the right Parkour shoes to train in is one of the most important decisions a Traceur can make! Not only will the right shoes elevate your training and speed up your progress, but the wrong shoes can actually have the opposite effect. At Take Flight we started doing Parkour long before Parkour brands started making their own shoes (including us), so we know the struggle of trying to find the best PKFR footwear. That’s why we’ve developed our shoes – the Take Flight 1.0s, the Ultras, the Stealth Ultras, and the 2nd GENs. Every one of our shoes is durable, has amazing traction / grip, and we think our 2nd GENs especially are the best looking kicks in the Parkour world. Pick up your pair today and give them a try! If you don’t absolutely love them, we’ll give you your money back.