About Us

Hello! We are Take Flight. A shoe and clothing company founded in Portland, Oregon! Our goal is to produce Parkour shoes and clothing that you absolutely love! As we continue to grow, we stay true Parkour and we will always be focused on helping spread and grow the discipline throughout the world. 


Our mission is to produce the world's best Parkour shoes and apparel for Traceurs worldwide, while providing people the inspiration to discover their own potential through movement.

Jump. Fly. Dream.™

Our company slogan is "Jump. Fly. Dream." We designed this slogan because inherent in this phrase is a perspective Take Flight represents and an inspiration we strive to pass on to others - that of action and achievement. But "Jump. Fly. Dream." isn’t just a call to action. It is an appeal to the specific goals and aspirations everyone has in them to do something great. For all your aspirations, no matter what they are, "Jump. Fly. Dream." doesn’t just say “do it,” it says dream big, and pursue those dreams until you reach them.

Start Your Journey With Take Flight

“There are no limits, only obstacles, and any obstacle can be overcome.” I heard this said once, and it inspired me to a different way of thinking and acting. Since then I have had a dream, and Take Flight is the result of pursuing that dream. Even more than clothing, my vision is for Take Flight to inspire people to this same passionate pursuit filled with direction, purpose, and hope. Everything we do as a company is interwoven with this vision; from the design of our products, to our customer service, to our community involvement, and even to our foundation slogan and logo. Take Flight started as a dream, but it is now a reality. You can make your dreams a reality too if you Jump. Fly. Dream. and then Take Flight.

-Adam Dunlap (Take Flight Founder)