Late For The WEDDING?!

Late For The WEDDING?!

Published by Take Flight on Jul 17th 2018

Have you ever been late for something and had to run to get there in time? What about your own wedding?! In our newest video, Take Flight pro Rabotenko Valentin is late, and the bride is not happy! But he is wearing our 1.0 Parkour shoes so he takes off running. Click below to watch and see if he makes it in time and how the bride responds when he gets there.

In this video, Valentin is wearing our 1.0 Parkour shoes. We only have 3 sizes available in those (the rest have sold out). However, our newest Parkour & Freerunning shoes, the Stealth Ultra, are better than ever. We took everything we learned from the 1.0s and the Ultras to make a shoe that you will love. Click below to get your pair!

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