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Take Flight Pro Team

From day #1 at Take Flight, we have been integrally connected to the Parkour community through sponsoring Traceurs from around the world. Some of the most famous and inconic Traceurs in Parkour history have even passed through the ranks of our pros including such names as Pasha Petkuns, Pedro Salgado, Toby Segar, Shaun Wood, and even the founder of Parkour David Belle was an integral part of our team for an extended period of time. Below is a list of our current roster of pros from around the world that we support and work with to spread Parkour and the Take Flight name. All of these Traceurs/Freerunners exemplify the Take Flight core values of hard work, humility, and love for Parkour/Freerunning as well as a passion to share the discipline around the world.


Ann Grjukach

Hometown: Ukraine

Date of Birth:

Description: Hi there! My name is Ann....

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  • Alex Segura
  • Alexandr Gisych
  • Andrey Inf
  • Ann Grjukach
  • Andy Haug
  • Caleb Demmons
  • Denis Pichugov
  • Dima Gluschenko
  • D'Ondrai Jones
  • Joey Adrian
  • Nick Fraser
  • Nikolay Stasolik
  • Paulo Victor
  • Valentin Robotenko

(Info coming soon)